The subject that will make or break your JEE dreams is Physics. If you are a Physics ace, you will get the seat you want.

What is the best strategy to prepare?

Step 1: Take a chapter by chapter approach. This has to begin in standard XI itself.

Step 2: Understand the contents of the chapter clearly, without leaving any unanswered doubts.

Step 3: For each chapter, make a list of all the main equations and the derived equations. You must memorize these equations in their totality, and understand the reasoning and logic behind how they were derived.

Step 4: Practice all the physics problems that you can find pertaining to that chapter. This is the only way you can find out how to use those equations in a real exam. For example, if there is a question , how many planks does it take to stop a bullet that loses 1/10 of its velocity in each plank, v2= u2 + 2as  is a very simple equation that can solve it, but if you are not familiar with the thinking and reasoning that goes behind it, this could stump you totally.

The Physics books for plus one and plus two may look gigantic and intimidating, but the truth is that the entire subject is very simple. All you have to do is to take a systematic approach and make a plan to find as many physics problems as possible and solve them for each chapter as you study that particular chapter.

You will be well advised to go to your near by bookstore and purchase ALL the physics entrance guides that you can find, and keep solving every problem, one by one. When you face a problem that you get the answer wrong or cannot solve, take that to your teacher and ask for help.  Mark that particular problem in the book for checking again towards the end of the year.

The role of the teacher should be clearly understood. The teacher cannot magically give you a seat in the JEE. His job is limited to helping you when you face problems you cannot solve. It is your duty to attempt to solve the problems. At first do the worked out examples given in each book, then attempt the unsolved questions.

Eventually you will reach a stage where no question can stump you, and that is when you are ready for the entrance examination. Do not attempt the entrance exam until you reach this stage.

It is common that once a student finishes plus two, there is pressure on him or her from the family to 'join a course' or 'get a job' . Do not do this. Stay home for a year, attend entrance classes daily, and keep solving physics problems and solving old question papers.  At the end of one year, you will be practically invincible in the exams.

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